Classic Tattoo ~ Scott La Rock

Scott La Rock

Since purchasing Classic Tattoo I have tirelessly been repairing, cleaning and restoring as much as I can. One of the things that all of us agreed upon is that the front of the building was dated and old. It looked great in black and white photographs, but that’s about it. So rather than having vinyl stickers custom made, which I could never bring myself to do, we hired the best sign painter this side of the Mississippi, Scott Larock. There is something about hand painted signs and lettering that has such a warm authentic feel, it cannot be duplicated or imitated. Watching Scott work was such a joy, like nothing I’ve ever seen. It has to be painted on the inside of the glass, so he has to paint all the letters backwards. Let that sink in for a moment, all the lettering in these photos was painted in mirror image so to speak… incredible. We are so honored to have Scott’s work on our glass.

All these photos are shot by myself in film, no photoshop, no adjustments.

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