The Black Box ~ By Corey Lenherr

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It is no coincidence that 90% of the time the best product for tattooing is made by tattooers. Tattooers know what they want and how it should work. Plus we are passionate about our job, therefor we put great time and effort into the quality of our product. This is the reason The Black Box power supply by Corey Lenherr is so amazing. Here are a few of the qualities:

~ Accepts standard 1/4” clip cord and foot switch connections ~
~ Built in short circuit protection ~
~ Universal input 110-240VAC or 12V deep cycle battery ~
~ Voltage presets with 2 machine memory modes ~
~ Precision regulated variable voltage output 0-24VDC 2A ~
~ Displays Volts, Speed (Hz), and Real Time Clock ~
~ Four VFD DisplayTubes ~
~ Super Capacitor backup keeps time during power outages ~
~ Surface mount RGB LED’s that back light the VFD tube displays with 8 different possible colors ~
~ CNC and Water Jet aluminum enclosure ~
~ Simple time setting using two Bulgin stainless steel white illuminated momentary push buttons ~
~ Power supply includes AC adapter ~

Black Box IMG 2

If you’d like to read more about The Black Box then go here

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