Finished Engraved Machines ~ for sale

I have just returned from long travels and started working on machines again. These 3 machines are from a set of 8 frames that Dan Dringenberg engraved for me, I had 4 but someone already snatched up #1. I am selling these machines to the tattooers who email me first, I will return emails in the exact order they were received, and I will only accept paypal. Each machine is signed and numbered and as far as the way they run: the TOP LEFT LINER runs very smooth and consistent with a medium stroke, medium hit, and should be comfortable for all small to medium size lines. The TOP RIGHT LINER is a ‘go getter’! It runs super strong and super solid with a longer stroke, I would recommend this machine for medium to bigger lines and for tattooers who work fast. The BOTTOM SHADER is a traditional long stroke smooth shader with a reliable steady hit to it, it can be turned high or low and still keeps a good pace. Let’s also just stop for a moment and appreciate the shear talent it takes for someone like Dan to hand engrave each one of these frames, that’s right, HAND ENGRAVE. When I got the first 4 in hand I just studies them all evening and appreciated the example of the bar being raised to a new level just sitting in my possession. Makes me feel lazy…

If you are interested please email me at

If you would like to view more of Dan’s work

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