New Film Flicks


Just got a few new rolls developed. Here are some random tattoos I did in the last couple months and also a great backpiece that Chuco Moreno did on Javier DeLuna. Hope you enjoy them

New Painting

TEN art show

I made this little number recently for an art show at AR4T in Laguna Beach. Hit me up if you are interested in purchasing it

Classic Legends ~ Nagoya, Japan

classic legends

Tomorrow I will be leaving to Nagoya, Japan, for one special day. The Classic Legends Lowrider and Kustom Car Show. From what I here it’s supposed to be one of the best car shows in the world. We’ll have to wait and see, I’ll post photos and a report when I get home. I’m taking a disposable camera to capture the details, also doubling the pics with a ‘disposable camera art show’ coming up soon over at my homies barber shop(Syndicate). Here’s a photo of the shirt, sweatshirt and aprons I’ll have with me at the show for sale.

Classic Legends Car Show Teaser from CHOP EM DOWN on Vimeo.

Eddie – by Pete Cropsey

If you guys liked “Dead Man Waking” then you’ll love “Eddie”, the continuation. If you ever watched NY Ink then you might remember when I tattooed Pete on the show. His story is an incredible tale of a man losing everything through drugs and violence and gaining it all back through love and spirituality. Pete has helped me more than most in my life and is a continual shining light and example of how a human being should be, SO BUY THIS BOOK. I promise you’ll love it.


Orange County Register On Classic Tattoo

Tim Hendricks ~ Classic Tattoo

I recently had a journalist from the OC Register come and check out the shop, Lou Ponsi, Very cool fellow. Here’s the interview, go check it out if you have a minute:

The Vincent Cane Benefit at Classic Tattoo

Vincent Cane Benefit

That little baby in this photo you see is two and a half years old now, his name is Vincent Cane and he was diagnosed with leukemia recently. He is the strongest little dude I know! His parents Demian and Casie are very good friends of mine and so I thought it’d be nice to help them out with their medical bills by throwing them a benefit. In doing this it has snowballed into something bigger than I could’ve imagined. So many great people have donated either their time or some amazing objects to auction off at the party. There will also be an online auction for those that cannot make the party, so not to worry. I have been posting some of the items on my Instagram here @timhendricks if you’d like to view them. The Hurley Printing Press will also be there from noon-5pm hand screening designs from Freddy Corbin, Myself, Chuco Moreno and Ben Grillo. Please come down and show your support and buy a shirt or get tattooed!

If you can’t make the benefit you can always paypal a donating directly to

Inked Mag Interview With Alysha Nett

Alysha Nett - photo by Tim Hendricks

In the last couple years I’ve been taking my photography a big more seriously. I mean, why not? I can finally afford the lenses I’ve always wanted, not to mention I’m in situations that allow me to capture great moments on film. Well recently my friend Alysha Nett asked to interview me and showcase a handful of my photos on the Inked Mag website. If you have a second go check it out here

Classic Tattoo ~ Scott La Rock

Scott La Rock

Since purchasing Classic Tattoo I have tirelessly been repairing, cleaning and restoring as much as I can. One of the things that all of us agreed upon is that the front of the building was dated and old. It looked great in black and white photographs, but that’s about it. So rather than having vinyl stickers custom made, which I could never bring myself to do, we hired the best sign painter this side of the Mississippi, Scott Larock. There is something about hand painted signs and lettering that has such a warm authentic feel, it cannot be duplicated or imitated. Watching Scott work was such a joy, like nothing I’ve ever seen. It has to be painted on the inside of the glass, so he has to paint all the letters backwards. Let that sink in for a moment, all the lettering in these photos was painted in mirror image so to speak… incredible. We are so honored to have Scott’s work on our glass.

All these photos are shot by myself in film, no photoshop, no adjustments.

The Chuco Sketchbook ~ Cyber Monday Release


The release date is here, cyber monday on The first 25 orders will receive a sign and numbered book with a print from Chuco himself. Chuco Moreno is a true California native and a solid tattooer. Chuco’s tattooing is derived from an authentic hispanic barrio upbringing, nowhere else in the world can you find a style quite like this, often imitated but never duplicated. Chuco was also well trained in the traditional style of tattooing as well, which is very noticeable in some of the drawings you will see in this book. This is a must have for any tattoo shop or home reference library.

The Black Box ~ By Corey Lenherr

Black Box IMG 1

It is no coincidence that 90% of the time the best product for tattooing is made by tattooers. Tattooers know what they want and how it should work. Plus we are passionate about our job, therefor we put great time and effort into the quality of our product. This is the reason The Black Box power supply by Corey Lenherr is so amazing. Here are a few of the qualities:

~ Accepts standard 1/4” clip cord and foot switch connections ~
~ Built in short circuit protection ~
~ Universal input 110-240VAC or 12V deep cycle battery ~
~ Voltage presets with 2 machine memory modes ~
~ Precision regulated variable voltage output 0-24VDC 2A ~
~ Displays Volts, Speed (Hz), and Real Time Clock ~
~ Four VFD DisplayTubes ~
~ Super Capacitor backup keeps time during power outages ~
~ Surface mount RGB LED’s that back light the VFD tube displays with 8 different possible colors ~
~ CNC and Water Jet aluminum enclosure ~
~ Simple time setting using two Bulgin stainless steel white illuminated momentary push buttons ~
~ Power supply includes AC adapter ~

Black Box IMG 2

If you’d like to read more about The Black Box then go here

Cyber Monday Sale –

cyber monday

This year’s Cyber Monday SW Tattoo Supply will have the most sale items we’ve ever offered. All Tattoo Pen® sales will be 25% off, all hand made machines will be 20% off, all needles will be 20% off, all sketchbooks will be 10% off, every size bottle of Stencil Green® will be 10% off, all prints will be 25% off, all clipcords will be 10% off and we will have many of our t-shirt designs at large sale prices. It is our way of saying “thank you” to all who support us and what we do, we are so grateful for every person who uses our product even down to the smallest item. Thank you and happy holidays – Tim Hendricks

Welcome Back Walk-ins

Welcome Back

This Saturday, the 29th, I will be doing walk-ins at Classic Tattoo from noon to whenever. I just had a major back surgery in Germany about 6 weeks ago and am ready to tattoo. I can only tattoo standing up, so therefor I can only tattoo upper outside arms, lower forearms, heads, upper back and hand tattoos. Only small pieces, anyone coming in asking for a half sleeve is not getting tattooed. It’s join to be first come first serve psi get there early(or late the night before!). I’ll see you there. – Tim

Photos From London


My trip to London was an eventful one. It was the first time my wife and I traveled with our 4 month old son, he has now spent 1/5th of his life traveling, what a cool kid. It was also the tenth anniversary of the London Tattoo Convention, what an honor to be able to work it and see so many great tattooers under one roof. While in London, I took my Nikon FE and snapped a few fun photos in film. Here is a handful, I hope you enjoy them.