Cyber Monday Sale –

cyber monday

This year’s Cyber Monday SW Tattoo Supply will have the most sale items we’ve ever offered. All Tattoo Pen® sales will be 25% off, all hand made machines will be 20% off, all needles will be 20% off, all sketchbooks will be 10% off, every size bottle of Stencil Green® will be 10% off, all prints will be 25% off, all clipcords will be 10% off and we will have many of our t-shirt designs at large sale prices. It is our way of saying “thank you” to all who support us and what we do, we are so grateful for every person who uses our product even down to the smallest item. Thank you and happy holidays – Tim Hendricks

Welcome Back Walk-ins

Welcome Back

This Saturday, the 29th, I will be doing walk-ins at Classic Tattoo from noon to whenever. I just had a major back surgery in Germany about 6 weeks ago and am ready to tattoo. I can only tattoo standing up, so therefor I can only tattoo upper outside arms, lower forearms, heads, upper back and hand tattoos. Only small pieces, anyone coming in asking for a half sleeve is not getting tattooed. It’s join to be first come first serve psi get there early(or late the night before!). I’ll see you there. – Tim

Photos From London


My trip to London was an eventful one. It was the first time my wife and I traveled with our 4 month old son, he has now spent 1/5th of his life traveling, what a cool kid. It was also the tenth anniversary of the London Tattoo Convention, what an honor to be able to work it and see so many great tattooers under one roof. While in London, I took my Nikon FE and snapped a few fun photos in film. Here is a handful, I hope you enjoy them.

The Good Book ~ Dan Smith and Shaun Topper

Portrait of Shaun

I love books. Let me say that again louder, I love books! Therefor,  I am very grateful to be included in such a cool one. The Good Book, brought to you by Dan Smith and Shaun Topper, is filled with all the most essential references by over one hundred different tattooers. Small enough to fit them all in a pocket size book, perfect for travel or at your home library. Shaun came by the other day to hand deliver my copy(what a gem that guy is) and I used the opportunity to grab a 35mm film portrait of him holding it. Thanks Shaun and thanks Dan, for yet again bringing something solid to the table of tattooing. buy your copy here

E-Volved Magazine Interview ~ Classic Tattoo

Classic Tattoo

As most of you know I recently acquired Classic Tattoo, and in the last few months I’ve been spending a lot of time rebuilding and restoring the shop to its original shape. There’s a lot of unanswered questions though, that I’m sure many of you have. E-Volved Magazine asked me to do an interview about Classic Tattoo and I believe a lot of these questions are answered. Go here to read the interview Thank you Evan Senn and E-Volved Magazine, for the opportunity to speak out.

Handful Of New Machines ~ for sale as of now


Since I’ve been home I’ve been trying to play catch-up for a month of traveling. It hasn’t been easy but, in between all the chaos, I have made time to sit down and patiently build some one off machines. They are up for sale on as of now. I hope you enjoy, thanks for looking

Acetate Stencils ~ new book

acetate book1

If you are a fan of good tattoo reference, like most tattooers, then you will enjoy this. This book is a collection of over 40 years of tattoo history. When Tee Jay Hernandez walked into Classic Tattoo the other day I immediately bought the book for the shop. After talking with him for a bit we worked out a deal to sell them from my supply store, I am very proud to add this acetate book to our few but solid group of sketchbooks. It is better to read Tee Jay’s words below to know more about how authentically cool this book really is…

acetate book2


The London Convention ~ 10th anniversary


It’s that time of year again, The London Tattoo Convention. I will be there with Chuco Moreno representing my shop Classic Tattoo, come by and say hi. Unfortunately I won’t be tattooing this year but I’ll be there with bells on! I’ll have original paintings for sale, 10 sets of limited flash, brand new never before seen prints, tattoo pens and lot’s of tattoo machines. The photos below are just some of the items I’ll have. Hope to see you there ~ Tim

The New Stainless Holder ~ Tattoo Pen®


The Original Tattoo Pen Holder in stainless steel is now out and available on It is made of Surgical Grade Stainless Steel and is extremely durable with a twist cap for tightening your refills. This holder is fully autoclavable, unlike the standard black holder, and can also be cleaned with a sanicide solution for safety in between tattoos. These suckers are built to last and I’m very proud to offer them to you.

Panther Fever


One of my favorite images to tattoo, paint and draw; the panther. I’ve had a few moments of down time to paint lately and have thrown together a few randoms. Hope you enjoy them.

The Ace Machines ~ now available

Ace of Spades

This is a frame design I have been working on for a while now. All four suits, liner or shader, they are available for order on as of now. Thanks for looking and as always, thanks for the support.

More Tattoos Captured In Film

One of my personal favorite tattoos I'v done in a while

As promised, I am updating you guys on some of the tattoos I’ve been making lately, but shot only in film. I hope you like them.

Sam Phillips Machines ~ now available on my supply store


I am proudly now carrying Sam Phillips Machines on my supply store at If you are a real tattooer you’ll love these machines, if you are a real tattooer AND skateboarder, you’ll beyond love these machines. Thanks Sam, for raising the bar for all machine builders.

Sam Phillips has been tattooing for 14 years. He began in San Diego under the tutelage of Morgwn Pennypacker and Shawn Buss and has owned and operated American Tattoo in Bonsall California since 2005. After years of accumulating the necessary equipment, he built a small machine shop and began manufacturing tattoo machines at the end of 2010. All of the trucks used in the production of his Independent Tattoo machines have been graciously supplied to him by the Independent Truck Co. who has continuously given Sam their complete support. All machines are hand made and one of a kind.