Panther Fever


One of my favorite images to tattoo, paint and draw; the panther. I’ve had a few moments of down time to paint lately and have thrown together a few randoms. Hope you enjoy them.

The Ace Machines ~ now available

Ace of Spades

This is a frame design I have been working on for a while now. All four suits, liner or shader, they are available for order on as of now. Thanks for looking and as always, thanks for the support.

More Tattoos Captured In Film

One of my personal favorite tattoos I'v done in a while

As promised, I am updating you guys on some of the tattoos I’ve been making lately, but shot only in film. I hope you like them.

Sam Phillips Machines ~ now available on my supply store


I am proudly now carrying Sam Phillips Machines on my supply store at If you are a real tattooer you’ll love these machines, if you are a real tattooer AND skateboarder, you’ll beyond love these machines. Thanks Sam, for raising the bar for all machine builders.

Sam Phillips has been tattooing for 14 years. He began in San Diego under the tutelage of Morgwn Pennypacker and Shawn Buss and has owned and operated American Tattoo in Bonsall California since 2005. After years of accumulating the necessary equipment, he built a small machine shop and began manufacturing tattoo machines at the end of 2010. All of the trucks used in the production of his Independent Tattoo machines have been graciously supplied to him by the Independent Truck Co. who has continuously given Sam their complete support. All machines are hand made and one of a kind.

New Limited Flash Set ~ only 20 sets available this Monday


That’s right, only twenty sets available. I’ve picked six of my favorite sheets that I have painted for various projects over the last few years. There are three color sheets and three black and grey sheets. I will be posting ten of them on sale this Monday, August 4th, at noon. The other ten will come with me to London for the convention.

New York ~ in black and white

The Late Supper - phot by Lani Lee with the Olympus Pen

My last trip to NYC was great. I got to catch up with some old friends, make new ones and live like a king for a week. Here is a quick slide show of  my fun. All photos are in black and white film with my Nikon or with the Olympus Pen digital, each one is noted. Enjoy

I Now Own Classic Tattoo ~ Fullerton, California


It is true, I am the proud owner of one of the oldest shops in Orange County, Eric Maaske’s Classic Tattoo in Fullerton, CA. It’s crazy the way things work out, my life has come full circle. I grew up walking distance from this shop, my Mom just retired from the high school across the street, the same high school that my brother and two sisters graduated from. My Father not only taught at the college a block away from Classic Tattoo but also passed away a block away as well. I received my first professional tattoo at this very place before Eric Maaske owned it around 20 years ago. I will do my very best to restore this establishment to its original condition if not better than, and I will keep the legacy of Eric Maaske alive through the integrity of solid tattooing and hard work with the help of some great guys that work there. Come by and say hi and get tattooed at Classic Tattoo. Much love, respect and gratitude – Tim Hendricks

Joshua David Machines ~ on saltwatertattoosupply now


I am extremely honored to be carrying Joshua David Machines now on my supply store. Joshua is a tattooers tattooer, if you know what I mean. Buying machines from real tattooers will always prove better, for obvious reasons. Joshua David is a REAL tattooer, not to mention an extremely solid guy. Each machine is unique in it’s own and each one runs great. I own one myself and stand behind them %100.

To order one now go to

New York ~ Tim Hendricks and Chuco Moreno


My friend Chuco Moreno and I will be heading out to NYC together to do some tattoos. Chuco’s dates are the 6th-16th and mine are the 15th-17th. Email for an appointment with either one of us. If you want to see Chuco’s work go here @chucomoreno95237, don’t miss an opportunity to get an OG black and grey tattoo from true West Coast Tattooer and one of the coolest dudes I know.

Luke Wessman ~ Interview


My brother from another mother Luke Wessman is up on the blog with an interview, check it out

Luke Wessman is a world-renowned tattoo artist. He’s also a music lover. Now, Luke has joined HeadCount’s #GoVote campaign by creating artwork for the On The Run Tour: Beyoncé and JAY Z. HeadCount’s Jane Henderson recently sat down with the self-made artist. During the interview, he talked about his road to the tattoo world, his favorite hip-hop artists (which include JAY Z), the #GoVote campaign and the importance of awareness in the world. read more…

Stab City


Have you ordered yours? Well, if you haven’t you’re missing out. It’s easy, just go here and order, I am very honored to be in a book amongst so many great artists and tattooers, young and old. Great job Ross Nagle and the fellas at Scorpion Front, the book came out great. I have waited to show my entire contribution sheet until the book was released, so here it is.


PMA Machine Release ~ Wednesday, June 18th at noon (pacific time)


Tomorrow at 12pm pacific time 10 PMA Machine will be available on my web store. First come first serve, no exceptions! Each one is individual in its own way, each one promotes a good cause. The PMA Machine is brought to you by Luke Wessman and Myself. $100 from every sale of a limited edition PMA Machine will go to a foundation, charity or good cause, each quarter year we will pick a new one to donate to. This quarter will be OLOC’s mission is to engage and inspire elementary, middle and high school students to make healthy choices and live a Drug Free life.

9 and 9 ~ With Ryan Dodson


The first time I met Ryan Dodson he came into a shop I was working at in Covina 15 years ago. Soon after, while I was tattooing him, his friend came in fresh out of juvenile hall and slapped his tattoo… while I was working on it! Ryan talked me out of my anger and said he was just drunk and meant no harm. Ryan and I got along right from the get go, he always had an honest and confident way about himself and his sense of humor is over the top. There were countless nights of debauchery, punk rock shows, booze, late nights and laughs. Sadly for me, Ryan moved to the wonderful city of Austin, where he owns and operates a shop called Freedom Machine Tattoo. If you live in Austin I recommend you go check it out. You can also follow Ryan’s Instagram @ryan_dodson_fmt. I’m very grateful that I can call Ryan Dodson a friend and I recommend, if given the opportunity, you should grab a tattoo or conversation with him, it’ll be worth your time.


1.  What was your first tattoo machine?  My first machine was made by Pete Sullivan who now works for Dringenberg  It was around 2001, a band I was in rented a spot in his warehouse in Irwindale, CA. He ran Liberty tattoo supply out of there, making needles and mixing up pigment. I bugged him for months to make me a machine so I could start tattooing and he kept shooting me down. He asked you if he should make me a machine and you cosigned for me. That was first of many times you helped me along in my career.

2. Why did you move to Austin and how long have you been tattooing there now?  I spent my whole life in Southern California.  I came out to Austin for a guess spot with no intentions of moving out here. Me and my wife Annie fell in love with this place, the pace of life, affordable houses, tons of shit to do and nobody was doing black and grey either. That was 8 years ago, time flies man.

3. Two part question. Do you remember when we set a bar on fire while you were performing in your band, and did you guys get in any trouble for that?  Haha! Yea man! Remember that bar always smelled like shit? We were just trying to do them a favor! Randy thought it would be cute to put gasoline in a 409 bottle to create his own pyrotechnics. Figured it would take away from how bad we sucked. I thought it was a great idea. Talk about not being able to take a joke. They were like “we’re suing you!” …. Cry babies. How’s your leg? Didn’t you get burnt? The flame got sucked back into the bottle and someone stumped on it and shot fire all over the place! Caught someone on fire! It was you right? Haha good times!

4. What are some differences between the Southern California tattoo scene and the Austin tattoo scene if any?  I don’t think anyone can argue with the fact that Southern California has the world beat on black and grey. There’s always some next level, mind blowing shit coming outta there. Austin has some amazing traditional and Japanese tattooers. It’s hard for me to explain a style of tattooing I know little about but it seems like the influence Dave Lum had on Trevino and Brooks progressed into regional style that a lot of tattooers in Texas are influenced by. Then there’s space, Southern California is huge and the shops are pretty spread out (at least there were when I was there), Austin isn’t  a very big city. It has about 120 shops and counting so it’s more difficult to build a clientele here.

5. Do you still enjoy doing portrait tattoos?  I do man. There’s times where it gets old but I still have a lot to learn. Hair gets me all fucked up and I still can’t finish a portrait in one pass, they look so much better when I go into them twice.

6. Do you watch Inkmaster? Don’t lie…  -  Is that the show with Chris Angel? That guy is bitchin’!

7. Tattooing is more popular than ever, do you feel it will grow even more or die down?  I think it’s going to die down. In 10 years there’s going to be as many tattoo shops as hair salons, one on every block. The wagon is full, it’s only a matter of time before the demand dies down. That’s why I think it’s so important to keep your nose to the grindstone and treat your customers with the respect they deserve, they are your only job security.

8. I looked through your portfolio last time we hung out, I was thrilled to see a tangible portfolio with individual prints in it. Would you ever hire someone who’s portfolio was Instagram and nothing else?  I just hired someone and I saw his work on IG. I hope he has a portfolio, if he doesn’t he’ll need to get one. I think it’s nice to have everyone’s books out in the counter, It gives your customers somewhere to start, wether your at a convention or the shop.

9. If I ever open a shop will you come and guest spot please?  Of course I will homie! I’m gonna high jack this question and take the time to give credit where it’s due. Thanks for looking after me when I got my start. You got me a job on multiple occasions and put me where I needed to be, which eventually led me to Trigger Happy in La Habra CA where Dave Brewer and Lucky Bastard picked up the slack and tried to polish a turd. You three have left a lasting impression on me and my idea of what tattooing is all about. You know the direction I was going in before I started tattooing and often think of where I might have ended up. The three of you gave me tattooing and tattooing has given me everything. I’m forever indebted.
Thanks for making me apart of the nine & nine Tim!